CUNIAL is a rabbits slaughterhouse and cutting room where is realiced the cutting and deboning of the carcasses of rabbit, the process is realiced manually, using young rabbits, his meat of better quality allow the preparation of baby food. Once deboned the meat is preparated in 20 Kg packets for its later frozen at -18 ÂșC, we delivery the orders according items controled by serial numbers that identify the meat, with params like its origin, killing date, frozen date, etc...
We are suppliers of HERO BABY SPAIN (baby food maker), since 2001, our association have been good ever, and both credit the quality of this meat.
Knowing the quality of this meat, from CUNIAL follow working for do bigger our costumer base, and we propose like a very recommended product, the rabbit meat, because is easy to digest, it is lean, low in fat and cholesterol, rich in iron and is a food situable for include in a balance diet, complet and healthy.

And we hightlight that:
-It has a great gastronomic versatility as it supports a wide variety of forms of preparation and cooking.
-It is a tasty meat that will appeal to the whole family.
-It is a traditional Mediterranean cuisine meat.


-->Frozen Boneless Rabbit Meat.
-->Fresh Rabbit, in 10 units Box.
-->Fresh Rabbit individually packed.
-->Thighs and Shoulders of Rabbit.
-->Rabbit Livers Fresh and Frozen.
-->Chopping Rabbit prepared for Paella (Tipical Spanish stew with rice).

If you wish, can download the technic profile in PDF format,
of our Frozen Boneless Rabbit Meat ,
You can see a square with diferent properties of the rabbit meat and
other meats, here.