CUNICULTURA INDUSTRIAL DE HELLIN SL is a society founded in the year 1999 by the brothers Juan y Manuel Fernández, amounted to the farmer activity started in 1979.
CUNIAL, has for activity , the sacrifice, distribution and the sale of carnic products of rabbit, is ubicated in the Cerro Balsilla parage, Cañada Agra, Hellín, ALBACETE, SPAIN.

For obtain quality products is very important don't leave diary maintenance work in our work centre, like cleaning of the installations and utils, garbage collection for maintain the order in the different spaces of the slaughterhouse, cleaning of the lorrys for alive animals transport and cooled meat transport, replacement of materials like nitrilo gloves for the traetment of the meat, paper and soap present in all estancies for the desinfection of the hands, etc... doing it we asevere the best conditions in the development of our activity.

The CUNIAL infraestructures, and the well made of our workers, let us controle our products, since the collect of the alive animals from the differents farms, passing for the killing process, in the same day of the departure from its original place, to the storage in industrial cool chamber, for a little after delivery the rabbit carcasses.
The manipulation of the meat is done under stricted measures o security and higien, and is realized a minuced preparation of each order. In the final package zone, we controle the required weight of the carcasses, depending of each client, always between 1 kg y 1,200 kg.

We maintain in all the moment the cold chain of the meat, in addition of the control of the trazability of the product since it raising. Almost of our suppliers, are ubicated in the south-east of SPAIN, where the conditions for raise the used species are ideals. For garantice us the quality and sanitary warraty of our final product, we sign a contract with the farmers, they compromise to rise the rabbits under stricted control mesures by it, the feeding, cleaning of the farms and vacunation of the animals are verified periodicity by us. For law, a veterinian supervise all the moment the works of sacrifice, preventing that bad meat, with illness or infections pass the quality control. Definitely, we take care with all details and give products with the maximum quality and freshness.

We appreciate the confidence of our clients, and for any question don't doubt to contact us throught this website.