CUNIAL, has the best machinery technology and killing chain equipments, cool chambers and the experience of years of his high qualified workers.

Since the start of the killing to the end of the same, that is ever does in diurnal time under the control of a veterinian, we try do the works with the maximun precision and quickness for don't give an unnecesary suffering to the animals, the workers have a great experience an realice the work at the way that the carcasses before its come to the cool zone are free of warm parts like fur and another rests.

Once the final product has been envased, our cool shipping vans and lorrys, completly equiped, allow us distribute and delivery without broke the cool chain the elaborated meat in an optimum state for his sale and later comsumiption.

We are in a constant formation and technological renovation, our assistance to fairs and similar events of the sector, help us to know the advances that are appearing.

We have with us a person, licenciated in Biologics, in charge of do a constant and strict quality control of the production process and the final product, performing all our factory process, Europeans normatives of food higien, CE reglaments 178/2004, CE 852/2004, and CE 853/2004, relatives to principies and legal requirements of food products and specific normatives of higien for animal origin products, including in the called "Food Higien Packet" for meat producers.